Sean is an artist, surfer and entrepreneur.  Sean has creatively captured through photography the infinite beauty of the outdoors since he started his large-format art business, Elemental Digital Art, in 2005.  To do this, he has hiked to remote pristine locations, taken to the skies in helicopters, and swam through heavy surf - all to get ‘the shot’.

His imagery is vast and eclectic, and Sean understands that natural imagery can have a powerful effect on a person’s well-being and overall mental state.  “Intrinsically, all living things want to be in their natural habitat.  For humans, that natural habitat is the outdoors. This explains the calming effect that a natural scene or vista can have on a person.  A moment of peace,” Sean says.

Ruttkay learned early that a dream can become reality with the right combination of vision and hard work.  In 2005, after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education, Ruttkay decided it was time to chart a new, more creative path.  He acquired a professional level digital camera and started traveling. Over the course of a year he visited and captured images from such varied locations as Italy, the Netherlands, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Barbados, and numerous spots in the continental United States.

Upon returning with a treasure trove of exotic images, Ruttkay founded Elemental Digital Art and  The mission of this new found business was to create large format prints for interior and exterior spaces.  Along with this ability to self publish his unique photographic imagery, his work has been featured in such esteemed magazines as Surfer’s Journal and numerous other publications.  Today, Elemental Digital Art continues to grow, producing Ruttkay’s large format photography and mixed-media art for collectors nationally and worldwide.

Ruttkay resides near the waters in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  His photography and art can be seen at