SSK DOTS is the name of the artwork, design and brand of the six colored dots forming the shape of a triangle. However, the "dots" are more than a brand or logo. The dots are an expression of a philosophy and lifestyle of simplicity, balance and adventure.

The dots were born spontaneously during a drawing session and painted on canvas with oil and acrylic paint.  The dots now appear on print, graphic media, apparel and other mediums.  

The dots were printed on apparel products as an alternative to the masses of t-shirts and other clothing covered with corporate branding and "loud" designs. The dots are a fun reminder to keep it simple, balanced and adventurous.

During the process of painting, founder Stephen Suyoung Kim found insight by connecting the meaning of the dots to his life. He realized the dots were a cry for simplicity, balance and adventure in his life. 

He practices living a simple, balanced and adventurous life everyday.  He balances life with his family, friends, community projects and passions: surfing, skiing, rock climbing, nature, yoga, traveling, art, meditation, salsa and bachata dancing, running, reading and writing. 

We hope the dots will COLOR YOUR LIFE and will inspire simplicity, balance and adventure in your life.

SSK Initials.png